June 2017

Symposium Perspectives in Molecular Pharmacology: 25 Years FMP

Location: Berlin, Germany

Smaller Faster Cleaner - Berlin Summer Meeting

Location: Umweltforum, Berlin

Neuroscience Colloquium

Kari Stefánsson

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Location: Berlin, Germany

Characterization of genetic risk factors for neurodegenerative and neuroinflammatory diseases

Location: Charité, Campus Mitte

SPARK Educational Forum - Manufacturing Considerations

Location: CCO Auditorium, Virchowweg 6

Autoreactive T cell mechanism in CIDP

Location: Charité, Campus Mitte

Non-coding RNAs in Nervous System development, plasticity and disease

Location: Marburg, Germany

Third Congress of the European Academy of Neurology

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

MR Fingerprinting in Multiple Sclerosis

Location: Charité, Campus Mitte

SPARK Entrepreneurial Forum - Boot Strapping & Lean Approach

Location: Berlin, Germany